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Yvette specializes in
“Building healthy organizations through leadership development, strategic change management, and diversity and inclusion initiatives.”

Yvette C Owens is a world-renowned speaker, international best-selling author, leadership coach/consultant and real estate agent


We deliver leadership training and executive coaching to help leaders maximize their performance to benefit teams and organizational culture.


We provide vision and mission based strategic implementation plans to reach your target groups.


We facilitate working sessions with your staff and administrators to enhance work cohesiveness that impacts the whole school community.


We use communication and leadership skills training experiences to equip your ministry teams to respond to your congregants’ needs and support local communities.

Want my help getting unstuck to begin creating momentum and building healthy cultures that your organization can thrive in?

DestinySpeak partners with organizations to build leaders’ ability to create a diverse, equitable, and inclusive culture. We provide you with a customized approach to keep your organization moving forward.

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