Yvette C. Owens, Founder/CEO

"The Business Ambassador & Changologist"

Yvette C Owens is a world-renowned speaker, international best-selling author, leadership coach, and consultant who teaches change leadership principles to increase adoption, retain talent, and build high-performing teams using the proprietary V.I.C.T.O.R. framework Yvette, AKA Changologist, is a board-certified change management professional (A.C.M.P.). She has 40+ years of sharing her vibrant, resilience, compassion, and influence in teaching how to "Dealing With Resistance To Accept And Invest In Change" during keynote speeches and live and virtual working sessions.



Human Resource Diversity and Inclusion Professional contributing content to the DestinySpeak online course library. Donna has a Masters of Arts in Education from Rutgers University and over 15 years as a Human Resource Professional. She has facilitated training for organizations ranging from Non-Profits, Public and Private Sector corporations as well as union and Non-Union Environments. She is the first-ever Affirmative Action Specialist for Carhartt, Inc.


Event Coordinator setting professional, energetic, and stimulating atmospheres for DestinySpeak events including workshops, masterminds, showcases, and training. Lovey has hosted region-wide events for various ages and themes. Her portfolio demonstrates that she is sensitive to making her client’s audience comfortable and welcome to each event.


Pam Moller

Strategic Business Consultant assisting entrepreneurs in developing and strengthening their business plans. She also provides leadership training specializing in controls and practices that fortify the organization and the leadership team. Pam has assessed and lead organizations for more than 30 years in private corporations and faith based organizations to become more compliant.


Amber Owens

Administrator for the DestinySpeak Team providing customer service and managing the operations of the organization. She manages billing, social media, and compliance for the organization. Amber’s background is in working with providers in providing support and coordination for patients and their families throughout care transition. She also serviced members of local fitness organizations managing membership activity including corporate vendor partners from various countries. She brings to DestinySpeak the efficiency, accuracy, and discipline allowing the organization to provide services at the desired level.


Contact Email: [email protected]

The Administrative Director is responsible for the administrative and operational support of DestinySpeak. Katrice has an extensive background in office management. She has experience in but is not limited to overseeing daily operations and functions to ensure they are done effectively and efficiently. Negotiating contracts and agreements with vendors and clients. Delegating tasks and assignments to administrative staff. Acting as a liaison between the employees and upper management. Developing and promoting policies that ensure positive interaction between administrative staff and other personnel. Organizing the workplace so that the workflow is streamlined. Katrice brings over 35 years of experience to the DestinySpeak Team.