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Yvette Owens, the CEO and Founder of DestinySpeak,

offers a valuable range of services aimed at helping individuals and organizations improve their leadership and navigate through changes effectively. Here's a breakdown of what she does and why you should consider inviting her to speak at your company or school:

Leadership Training and Executive Coaching: Yvette Owens provides leadership training and executive coaching services. This means she helps leaders at all levels within an organization develop the skills and mindset needed to maximize their performance. This not only benefits the individual leaders but also positively impacts their teams and the overall organizational culture.

Strategic Planning: DestinySpeak offers strategic implementation plans with a focus on vision and mission. These plans are designed to help organizations, including corporations and non-profits, reach their target groups effectively. Yvette can assist in creating and executing strategies that align with an organization's goals and purpose.

Education Sector Support: For schools, DestinySpeak facilitates working sessions with staff and administrators to enhance work cohesiveness. This, in turn, positively impacts the entire school community, creating a more productive and harmonious environment for both educators and students.

Faith-Based Community Support: Yvette Owens also offers support to faith-based organizations by providing communication and leadership skills training experiences. These experiences can equip ministry teams to better respond to the needs of their congregants and support local communities more effectively.

International Bestselling Author: Yvette's status as an international bestselling author signifies her expertise and thought leadership in her field. Her written work can provide valuable insights and knowledge to your organization or school.



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Kingdom Business Academy

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  • No Bosses Allowed || Lead to Serve &

  • Transform (eBook & Online Course)

  • Conquering Corporate Enemies: Mind. Personalities. Situations

  • Conquering Corporate Enemies: The Workbook

  • INTESOUL Leadership (Magazine)

  • Unlock Your Leadership Potential 30-Day Journal


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"You were totally awesome, Yvette Owens . Thank you for joining us and sharing your knowledge and insight."

~ Karen Lincoln, Catalent Pharma Solutions

"Yvette is an extremely competent professional with a track record of execution excellence. She is focused on enabling others to deliver as promised in a project leadership context and values getting to the root cause vs. being distracted by symptoms that can drain resources and add risks to scheduling. She is a dynamic speaker and creates a level of confidence amongst leadership that she is driving the effort toward success.

She is known to be a big-picture professional and wants to understand how she can deepen her tool set toward current or future assignments. The most recent example I am aware of is her desire to pursue the CCMP program/designation. She set a

goal and maneuvered the organization such that she made it happen.

When I think of Yvette, the characteristics that immediately come to mind are Talented, Depth, Communicator, Smart, Capable and Thought Leader."

~Kevin Nicholson, Lean-N2-InsurTech

"Yvette is very knowledgeable in project management and professional development. On several occasions, Yvette customizes training for my team. She took the necessary time to understand my objectives and the needs of my team and over delivered. Yvette is at the top of my list for professional development consulting and project management. I highly recommend Yvette."

~ David Daye, Goodwin University

"Yvette takes great pride in her work. She cares about not only achieving the results but getting the desired result the right way with integrity, collaboration, and hard work."

~Mike McNally, Foremost A Farmers Insurance Company

"Yvette is a very detail-oriented project manager with exceptional skill at managing multiple deliverables at the same time. In addition to being a highly skilled project manager and staff manager, she is absolutely wonderful to work with. I would highly recommend Yvette for any project."

~ Matt Sweeney, ACE Group

"My memorable moment was, you are in control of your destiny. My takeaways are you are valuable, identify your gift and goals, and pursue your purpose."

~ Gwen Neal, Seat of Power Event Attendee

"Absolutely amazing…thank you so much! So important for morale."

~ LaVerne Littles, Company Culture with Yvette C Owens Podcast Listener


Book Reviews

""I read your book. It moved me. Thank you for putting yourself out there. I experienced several very similar scenarios that you described. Other scenarios you talked about I have not and have no words for. It’s gross and such a shame, and I’m sorry it all happened to you. I am so inspired by you and how you have dealt with it all and in the ways that you are choosing to move forward. I want to support you and your endeavors tangibly."

~ Carolyn Theriault


"I saw your book on LinkedIn and downloaded it on Kindle. I have read the entire thing in one day! Thank you for having the courage to write it and share your experiences and stories."

~ Erica Dougall


"You Nailed It! Addressing the issues of workplace discontent and challenges is not an easy topic. However, the author has done a great job of addressing these complicated situations."

~ Lady Diva T


"I wanted to thank you for paving the way for other African-Americans/West Indians. Your strength, intelligence, and perseverance have made you a great role model. I know I would notsurvive walking in your shoes. Thank you, and continue being who

you are because you are an inspiration.

~ Lisa Mair