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The Creatives: Leadership


"The Creatives: Leadership" - a powerful guide to creating healthy, thriving cultures in the workplace, ministry, and the community.For author Yvette C. Owens, leadership is not just a job title - it's a calling. With a deep-seated faith in God and a commitment to living purpose on purpose, Yvette has overcome tremendous obstacles to become an authentic creative leader.

In "The Creatives: Leadership," Yvette and her friends and colleagues, The Creatives, share the insights and strategies that have helped them to navigate the challenges of leadership with grace, resilience, and compassion. Drawing on their experiences of overcoming life challenges, inequities, injustices, and abuse, the authors offer a roadmap for creating a healthy culture that is innovative, creative, and profitable for all.

Through inspiring stories and practical advice, The Creatives: Leadership shows how true win-wins are possible when leaders prioritize the well-being and growth of their team members. The authors offer tools for building trust, fostering collaboration, and promoting creativity, all while remaining firmly rooted in godly principles.

Whether you're a seasoned leader or just starting on your leadership journey, "The Creatives: Leadership" is an essential guide for anyone who wants to create a healthy, thriving workplace, ministry, or community culture. Join Yvette and The Creatives on this transformative journey towards becoming a creative leader and unlock your team's potential to achieve extraordinary things.

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